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Do you ever float through life in auto-pilot?  Have you ever driven home from the grocery store, pulled into your driveway not even remembering how you found your road or arrived at your house?  Are you moving through the motions of life without a vibrant presence? 

We all get overwhelmed, run down, and have moments when we are simply living day-in and day-out with less awareness and joy.  I get it.  I used to live like this.  On top of experiencing years in auto-pilot, I also thought others had to fix what I felt was broken. I constantly looked outside of myself to find comfort, excitement, and fulfillment.  When my school started to encourage educators to use the growth mindset and teach our students about "Grit", I struggled. I began to question if I even knew what it meant to be resilient because I felt stressed and anxious all the time.  I was struggling with pressures in my personal and professional life.  I truly felt stuck without a sense of worth or the ability to persevere.

As I tried creating lessons to teach my students how to "never give up" and strategies to improve their ability to find happiness, I devoured every book I could about moving through hardship and learning about self-care.  In an attempt to help my students grow, I learned how to face my own fears and began to do the work to find peace.  I realized, to teach about resilience, I needed to learn about my own ability to thrive.  And, I found a common thread that tied my journey altogether. Mindfulness. I discovered, along with Reiki, meditation, healthy eating, and setting healthy boundaries, that within my own being, I hold what I need to heal.  Through mindfulness and other training, I learned my breath is my anchor. My ability to be present transcended how I embraced the productive struggle. I learned how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.  And, I began teaching mindfulness to my students.  They loved it and used it in and out of the classroom on their own! Mindfulness has been the ultimate game changer for me, my family, my students, and my clients.  

From small steps to big steps, mindfulness can create positive change and a shift that builds awareness and new habits of mind to find meaning and joy!  



Jenny Morrill


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