Weaving Healing Wisdom

Weaving Healing Wisdom

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Authored by Jenny Morrill and Paula Youmell R.N.
Edition: First
WEAVING HEALING WISDOM combines the expertise of Jenny Morrill, MS.Ed, an expert in mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques, and Paula Youmell, RN, MS.Ed, an expert in yoga techniques, nutrition, natural healing and medicine, functional medicine and general health guidance. For both authors, the book comes "from the heart" in that it embraces their most current health perspectives with a friendly, confidence-building mode of coaching calculated to serve the well-being of readers at all levels. The book has been highly praised by educators, medical professionals, and health practitioners as the single best guide to "letting go and let be" while at the same time learning to deal effectively with stress, illness, poor eating habits, and injury, both physical and emotional.
​About the authors:
Jenny Morrill, MS.Ed, is a proud public school teacher and mindfulness trainer/tutor in Northern New York. After teaching for over 15 years, mindfulness rejuvenated her teaching passion. She is devoted to helping others find their voice, explore self-compassion, and discover their purpose with mindfulness as an anchor. As her very own healing tapestry continues to unfold, Jenny lives with her daughter and husband. She is grateful to live among her friends and family and work in an engaging and caring learning community.

Paula Youmell, RN, MS.Ed, co-author, is a Natural Health Educator trained in several natural healing modalities and Functional Medicine, including yoga and natural medicine. She continues to learn, grow, and weave it all together to create her lifestyle medicine to offer wellness support. Paula lives alongside the Adirondack Mountains with her boys, cats, and dog immersing herself into the woods every chance she gets. 
Publication Date: Mar 29 2017
ISBN/EAN13: 0998606022 / 9780998606026
Page Count: 126
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Medical / Healing

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