Personalized Reiki Sessions


The uniquely designed Mindful Reiki session incorporates three healing modalities with Jenny Morrill, a mindfulness specialist, and Reiki Master. With Jenny’s gentle guidance, participants will experience a personalized session to awaken and restore ease.

  • Begin with mindful movement to engage a calm nervous system.   

  • Next, shift into a mindfulness meditation to deepen a state of presence and open the heart-mind.

  • After a brief reflection and intention setting, Jenny will provide a Reiki treatment to restore balance to the vital life force energy that connects us all.  

  • The session will end with a discussion involving realistic and best practices for small, mindfully relevant next steps to sustain emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

These sessions are a personalized healing experience and thoughtfully inspired for individuals who are devoting themselves to self-care or need support while bravely facing major life stressors.  Sessions are available for all ages.