What is Mindfulness and Why Should You Use It

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What is mindfulness?

The ability to be fully present in our life. Otherwise, we may miss it!

Mindfulness creates a shift in our mind and body as we embrace the challenges and joys in life. It involves small steps to create new habits of mind, connects us with our truth, and allows us to fully live in the moment with ease and focus.

Why I use it.

So I can build a life that is fulfilling!

Mindfulness teaches me to use the skill of observing and reflection, with my breath as an anchor, to navigate the struggle and the juggle. I always thought people were born knowing how to move through life with ease and joy. Growing up, I thought a “good life” was something that happened to people. I often thought, only the lucky ones will have it “good”.

Mindfulness stopped the search and awakened what I already had. I use mindfulness as a compass to flow within the ups and downs of life with more grace, more calm, and more connection. Mindfulness taught me how to find peace in the chaos and use the upset in life as a platform for growth.

How you can use it.

Like me, you can learn to nurture a “Good and Fulfilling Life”

  • cultivate ease in your mind and body

  • learn how to navigate the upset in life

  • create a new lens in which to view the productive struggle

  • cultivate kindness and compassion in order to problem solve

  • use mindfulness to engage in life with more focus and presence of mind

  • improve your physical health and your mental agility

  • listen to your wisdom through self-awareness, self-compassion, and reflection