Begin Again

As the summer begins to slow down, I have chosen to quiet my mind, my to-do list, and my many sunny season goals. I realize, I simply need to stop, breathe, and settle into my own being once again. With our book taking flight, Weaving Healing Wisdom, I remember Paula telling me "Get ready!" Currently, our book is reaching people and making a difference. It is helping readers discover their path toward wellness and healing. And, I am so grateful. There are many plans being made, many opportunities falling into place, and yet the newness of it all

has caused a surprising response. I am mindfully aware of the stress that can sneak in with over-doing and walking excitedly into the unknown.

Using the tools of mindfulness and self care, taking time to connect with my breath, observing my thoughts and feelings without judgment, and responding to my experiences with kindness and compassion, I now feel rejuvenated and ready to begin again. Paula and I have plans to continue our work together and are laying the foundation for "Weaving Healthy Minds" for younger people. We are thankful to our marigold, Shelby, at Five Elements Living in Colton, as we work together on our Weaving Healing Wisdom workshop series. Stay tuned!

I too, hope you have the courage to connect and begin again. I am here to support you.

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