A Secret to Mindful Living- Find the Good!

Hello Dear Friends-

A few days ago, I had the most rewarding experience inviting teachers to explore the benefits of mindfulness in their personal and professional lives. Nothing feels as exciting as being able to share with other educators. Mindfulness is the key to creating a present-minded connection, community, and creating space for nurturing others to grow and find support while in your presence. Sharing with teachers is a wonderful gift because their work can create ripples of healing while exploring the journey of learning. And, whatever your profession is, you too, can create “ripples of healing" as you move through your daily life. When you do that for yourself, you then create that experience for others.

What is the secret? Start with the simple moments of goodness and breathe. Allow the moment to be and breathe in finding small slivers of light that illuminate life’s joys.

With every workshop, my advice is to start simple. Find the Good. Begin by using informal mindfulness practices throughout your day by attending to the good moments that present themselves and breathe, deeply.

  • A sunrise

  • A soft blanket

  • A hug from a loved one

  • Warm coffee or tea

  • A smile and kind greeting

  • A full tank of gas

  • Clothes that fit

  • No lines at the grocery store

  • Happy news

  • A small success at work

  • A beautiful song

  • Signs of Spring

  • __________ fill in the blank

What happens when you do? You grow a bank account of goodness.

You are creating a reserve of good moments, deep breaths, and an intentional presence of mind focusing on the positive. You create new habits of mind that strengthen neural pathways of optimism while reducing the impact of daily stress. Much like an athlete lifts weights to strengthen muscles for peak performance, you too, are strengthening your “present brain muscle” for focusing, reflecting, and being open.

If I wanted to run a marathon someday, I would begin with short runs. Or, maybe running with intermittent walking. Okay, let’s be real, in my case fast walking in order to build up my endurance and strength. Your connection to the healing breath can be treated the same way. Start small. Go gently. Don’t judge. Find moments in your work day, in nature, and with people that bring you joy. Connect with these "Life is Good" moments with the breath.

May you all have fun "Finding the Good”, breathe, and be refueled by the many, small slivers of joy that surround you. Breathe and take a look!

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