What is Reiki?  

by 3 Marigolds Mindful Wellness

Reiki Treatment

     All living things radiate energy. All living things radiate warmth. This energy is called many different names according to different cultures, scriptures, and traditions, but we all can agree it is the energy of life.  "Energy, air, breath, wind, vital breath, vital essence, ….. the activation energy of the Universe." (Stein, 1995) This life force energy is what brings health and healing to the body. Everything alive contains Ki and radiates it.

     During Reiki, the healer is attuned to this energy and open to the sources of life force energy. It is not associated with religion, and this Ki (pronounced chee) or energy is said to be in existence long before contemporary faiths or established religions and provides a connection to all life, energy, and a natural state of existence. The healer provides space for the client to restore balance to their healing nature and release blockages that may be preventing this life force energy from flowing freely.

     This Reiki treatment can include touch or non-touch sessions, determined by the comfort of the client. By placing the healer's hands or moving the hands over specific areas of the body, the healer helps assist the client in creating a shift of openness, non-judgemental presence of mind, and calm. This open presence and trust allow the flow of energy to circulate throughout the body. If you think of a circuit board, a complete circuit receives and sends electrical power throughout a home. In our body, we have a loop of functioning energy that connects to one's physical, emotional, and mental stability and the life force energy of Ki.  

     Reiki heals what we cannot see.  It heals physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It follows the vibration of our life force energy and realigns that vibration to promote healing and health.  It treats physical pain and non-physical. The healing energy of Ki goes where it is needed, and Reiki heals what needs to be healed. It is in our nature of all living things to heal. Reiki assists the client to return to a state of optimal health by realigning the life force energy that flows through the body.  

     At 3 Marigolds, Jenny is trained in a Universal landscape of Western and Eastern traditions with her unique Mindful Reiki sessions. Jenny helps the client to embody mindfulness practices and create the space to restore balance to the life force energy that connects us to a natural sense of ease. She is committed to the practice of maintaining and protecting this space. Jenny is trained to promote wellbeing with compassion, trust, and non-judgmental presence for her clients and maintains confidentiality.     

Resource: Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki. Crossing Press, 1995.